The Cosmology of
Continuing Creation

What if creation is occurring today randomly in space, as you read these words? Ph.D physicist Dr. Manning's approachable book shows that matter continues to be created today. 

What are the implications and ramifications of this idea in daily life?

The continuing creation of the universe reflects the creativity of life. It is that element which makes life and humanity possible.

The reality of ongoing creation indicates that the universe is sustainable in nature, that as one star fades another is born.

Dr. Curtis Manning

About Dr. Manning

Curtis earned a BA in Philosophy in 1969, and his Ph.D in Astrophysics in 2002, both from UC Berkeley. His 3-part dissertation was published in the Astrophysical Journal. Affiliated with NASA-Ames Research Center, he builds numerical models of the evolution of the Martian atmosphere.

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Research Papers

The following files are papers with first author Curtis Manning, most of which are referenced in his treatise (2023: Is the creation of the universe ongoing?).

Many of the papers reference their publication data, and some are unpublished and refer to this site. All of Dr. Manning's astronomy papers are included below.

Papers with dates 1999 to 2001 were published prior to his dissertation.

His dissertation papers have dates 2002a and 2003a and 2003b.

The paper dated 2002b is an effort to determine the mass density within voids. In addition to being posted on astro-ph, it is duplicated here with some changes in terminology and a new figure.

The paper dated 2005 is an important comparison of observational results from Dr. Manning's dissertation and the reduction of corresponding model-data from a standard model evolutionary simulation to z=0.

The paper dated 2018a is an argument in favor of field galaxy formation at z≃3.0 rather than z≃15.

The paper 2018b is an argument against the idea of dark energy in the big bang.

Research Papers by Category

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